Let’s face it, your choice of kitchen countertops is a big deal. Not only do you use your kitchen for many different tasks and purposes, but your kitchen countertops play a big role in the resale value of your home. Prime Granite and Cabinets is an Atwater-based home improvement contractor offering a variety of services, including kitchen remodeling and countertop installation. Below, learn how to choose the perfect countertop for your home, and contact us for a free quote today!


Consider Your Kitchen Countertop Material

Your choice of kitchen countertop material should be one of the first considerations when thinking about the perfect countertop for your California home. From granite to marble, quartz, and more, we offer many different kitchen countertop materials for you to choose from. Contact us today.

Consider Your Kitchen Countertop Design

Your custom kitchen countertop design can contribute greatly to the overall look and feel of your kitchen countertops. For example, do you want the standard square edges or would you prefer decorative edges, such as radius or bevel?

Consider Unique Elements

Many people have trouble choosing their custom kitchen countertop material and design pattern. Consider mixing up the materials, surfaces, and patterns to create a unique custom kitchen countertop that can make your kitchen stand out from the crowd.

Consider Maintenance Needs

Some custom kitchen countertop materials will require more maintenance than others, and if you lead a busy lifestyle and just don’t want to put in the extra time, it’s best to choose a kitchen countertop material that is low-maintenance.

Discover the Perfect Countertop for Your Home, Get Started Today!

Our Atwater-based home improvement company delights in helping our customers find the perfect custom kitchen countertops for their needs. We offer kitchen countertop design and installation, as well as demolition services and kitchen backsplashes. Schedule a free consultation today!



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